Best Tips to Increase Your Singing Volume

Would you like to know how to add volume to your singing voice? It is possible to add some more power and volume to your existing voice without compromising the quality of melody. As a singer, you most definitely want to share your song and your message with your audience. They must be able to hear your clearly but you must not appear or sound like you are screaming at them.

The following tips and suggestions below will help you, if not guarantee that you will be increasing your volume without compromising your voice control and quality:

Vocal Chords Workout and Exercise

If you want to add muscles and build your body up, you need to do many exercises and body workout, the same is applicable to your voice. If you want to have strong vocal chords, you need to give them a regular workout.

Sing whenever you can, whenever you have a chance. That’s a great way to workout your vocal chords. Sing in your car while driving somewhere, or in the shower, while doing chores and other extra time you have. Work those vocal chords up! Your vocal chords grow stronger through regular use, and stronger chords mean a stronger voice.

Regulated and Controlled Breathing

As boring as this may sound, proper breathing and correct breathing is essential in learning how to sing and in this case, adding volume to your voice. Singers use different breathing techniques for different notes. If you’re singing from the top of your vocal range, for instance, longer and deeper breaths is necessary to push those high notes out.

Proper Use of Your Diaphragm

This is related to the previous tip if not the same. Use your diaphragm properly. Your diaphragm is the muscle beneath your rib cage. This single piece of muscle plays a very important part in singing. Exhale hard and you will feel it contract. Take a deep breath and you will feel it expand.

Make More Room in Your Lungs

By always practicing the breathing techniques on the floor, you can increase your lung capacity. It may sound comical, funny and uncomfortable at first, but once done it will produce beautiful result. Lie down flat on your back with your arms behind your head. Breathe deeply for 2 to 3 minutes with regular repetition.

Get Advice from a Pro

It’s always alright to ask for advice from vocal teaches or professional specially if you’re just starting out in singing and just a beginner. It could be worth your time and money to consult a voice coach. They know more about singing and singing techniques than anyone else. They can demonstrate ways to increase your volume without straining your voice or yelling.

Improving Singing Voice Techniques Through Body Positioning

Did you know that there is much about your body posture that can help the quality of your singing? If you want to work on improving your singing voice, the following tips can assist you with volume, tone, and presentation.

Preferably, stand when you sing, but don’t just stand, place your feet about 12 inches or shoulder-width apart, and one slightly in front of the other for balance. Don’t lock your knees. This cuts off blood flow and you could pass out.

Not good! If you place your arms slightly in front of your sides, you will expand your lung capacity by increasing your ribcage space, very important for reaching the high notes or holding a note longer than usual. If you must sit, keep your feet spaced and flat on the floor for best position.

How to Relax While Singing

When singers are nervous, as in junior auditions, local contests, or even on karaoke night, they tend to tense their necks or hunch their shoulders. Be conscious of your body and insist that it relax and follow your lead.

It certainly is all right to move slightly, even sway, to keep that relaxed attitude working. Work on eye contact and practice entering and exiting if you have the opportunity. The more prepared you are the better.

While you want the best volume and best tone you can produce, do not let nerves get the best of you. Keep your singing voice as near to your natural speaking voice as you are able. It will be more pleasant to listen to.

Breathing Technique

When you are inhaling, push your stomach out to allow more air to enter. The opposite is true when you exhale. Bring your stomach in and make your diaphragm do the work. A singing voice is directly related to the development of good breathing techniques.

How to Sing the High Notes

You need to climb up to a few high notes and you’re not sure you will make it? Raise your arms slightly and naturally. Lean slightly forward. Lift your eyebrows. Smile a little and listen to your voice climb. Do you need to go higher still? Close your eyes, tilt back your head and jump up to those notes, landing safely on each one.

The Best Way of Improving a Singing Voice

There are a number of factors in improving a singing voice. Since there are many things that factor in to the way that your voice sounds it is important to work on all of them. Voice coaches or music software can greatly affect your voice and your ability to sing. This is because coaches have all the tips and tricks that help singers sound like professionals. Most people mistakenly think that singing is all about the voice that comes from the mouth without the understanding of posture, breath, and nutrition. Read on for more information about how all of these factors affect a voice.

Did you know that how you hold your tongue, position your body and what you put in your mouth can greatly affect how you sing? Proper diet and lots of water can help keep your voice smooth and in tune. While your posture can help you sing from within and avoid any nasal sound. Positioning yourself correctly can also help you carry the tune and give strength to your voice. There are exercises and information that can greatly benefit your singing voice through music lessons and music software.

Improving singing voice can be achieved through the practicing of specific voice exercises. Any voice can be greatly enhanced and even those that believe that they are unable to sing can be proven wrong. Singing is something that anyone can do with the right training and information. There are a few secrets to the trade, but most of the success comes from practice and education.

Vocal Exercises to Improve Your Singing Voice

It’s time to take the plunge and call a reputable Singing Teacher if you have the urge to improve your voice or you have that dream to become performer on stage or television.

But, if you feel that you need to develop some more confidence before you talk to a Singing Specialist then why not search the internet, maybe using Google or Yahoo, and get hold of some easily downloadable Singing Exercises. All you have to do is type “Singing Exercises” or “Vocal Exercises” into the Search Engine and you’re on your way to developing some confidence with your singing.

Spend a few days practising your breathing and vocal exercises in a quiet spot in your house or even copy them to a CD and practise in your car on your way to work or school. At the beginning, don’t practise in front of others because they may be too critical which might discourage you from pursuing your dream.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your voice can improve as you practise the breathing, phrases, vowel sounds, scales and arpeggios.

Once your voice starts to improve with the Singing Exercises, it’s time to download some Backing Tracks or even some Karaoke files which are easy to find on the net and are particularly easy to play in MIDI format on your computer. You can even download a free Karaoke Player like the one at This player even allows you to change the pitch and tempo, tailoring the backing to your needs. Most MIDI files even have a melody which you can mute later when you are more practiced.