Improving Singing Voice Techniques Through Body Positioning

Did you know that there is much about your body posture that can help the quality of your singing? If you want to work on improving your singing voice, the following tips can assist you with volume, tone, and presentation.

Preferably, stand when you sing, but don’t just stand, place your feet about 12 inches or shoulder-width apart, and one slightly in front of the other for balance. Don’t lock your knees. This cuts off blood flow and you could pass out.

Not good! If you place your arms slightly in front of your sides, you will expand your lung capacity by increasing your ribcage space, very important for reaching the high notes or holding a note longer than usual. If you must sit, keep your feet spaced and flat on the floor for best position.

How to Relax While Singing

When singers are nervous, as in junior auditions, local contests, or even on karaoke night, they tend to tense their necks or hunch their shoulders. Be conscious of your body and insist that it relax and follow your lead.

It certainly is all right to move slightly, even sway, to keep that relaxed attitude working. Work on eye contact and practice entering and exiting if you have the opportunity. The more prepared you are the better.

While you want the best volume and best tone you can produce, do not let nerves get the best of you. Keep your singing voice as near to your natural speaking voice as you are able. It will be more pleasant to listen to.

Breathing Technique

When you are inhaling, push your stomach out to allow more air to enter. The opposite is true when you exhale. Bring your stomach in and make your diaphragm do the work. A singing voice is directly related to the development of good breathing techniques.

How to Sing the High Notes

You need to climb up to a few high notes and you’re not sure you will make it? Raise your arms slightly and naturally. Lean slightly forward. Lift your eyebrows. Smile a little and listen to your voice climb. Do you need to go higher still? Close your eyes, tilt back your head and jump up to those notes, landing safely on each one.