Best Tips to Increase Your Singing Volume

Would you like to know how to add volume to your singing voice? It is possible to add some more power and volume to your existing voice without compromising the quality of melody. As a singer, you most definitely want to share your song and your message with your audience. They must be able to hear your clearly but you must not appear or sound like you are screaming at them.

The following tips and suggestions below will help you, if not guarantee that you will be increasing your volume without compromising your voice control and quality:

Vocal Chords Workout and Exercise

If you want to add muscles and build your body up, you need to do many exercises and body workout, the same is applicable to your voice. If you want to have strong vocal chords, you need to give them a regular workout.

Sing whenever you can, whenever you have a chance. That’s a great way to workout your vocal chords. Sing in your car while driving somewhere, or in the shower, while doing chores and other extra time you have. Work those vocal chords up! Your vocal chords grow stronger through regular use, and stronger chords mean a stronger voice.

Regulated and Controlled Breathing

As boring as this may sound, proper breathing and correct breathing is essential in learning how to sing and in this case, adding volume to your voice. Singers use different breathing techniques for different notes. If you’re singing from the top of your vocal range, for instance, longer and deeper breaths is necessary to push those high notes out.

Proper Use of Your Diaphragm

This is related to the previous tip if not the same. Use your diaphragm properly. Your diaphragm is the muscle beneath your rib cage. This single piece of muscle plays a very important part in singing. Exhale hard and you will feel it contract. Take a deep breath and you will feel it expand.

Make More Room in Your Lungs

By always practicing the breathing techniques on the floor, you can increase your lung capacity. It may sound comical, funny and uncomfortable at first, but once done it will produce beautiful result. Lie down flat on your back with your arms behind your head. Breathe deeply for 2 to 3 minutes with regular repetition.

Get Advice from a Pro

It’s always alright to ask for advice from vocal teaches or professional specially if you’re just starting out in singing and just a beginner. It could be worth your time and money to consult a voice coach. They know more about singing and singing techniques than anyone else. They can demonstrate ways to increase your volume without straining your voice or yelling.